Chubby Hubby Home Repair, LLC

Chubby Hubby Home Repair “No Worries”

 25 Point Preventive Maintenance Checklist


  1. Change Air-Conditioner Filter(s)(3) months
  2. Vacuum Air-conditioned Return Grate and Vents (3) months
  3. Test Smoke Alarm(s) and Change Battery(s)(6) months
  4. Check Water Level in Toilet(s) and Check for Leaks (3) months
  5. Check Sink Fixtures and Drains for Leaks(3) months
  6. Clean Garbage Disposal (3) Months
  7. Clean Fire Place(s) and Check Dampener(s) (6) months
  8. Check Hot Water Temperature and Adjust (6) months
  9. Check Gas Hot Water Heater for Venting (6) months
  10. Drain the Hot Water Heater (12) months
  11. Test Ceiling Fans (3) months
  12. Test Exhaust Fans in Kitchen and Baths (3) months
  13. Check Washer and Dryer Connections and Exhaust. Clean (6) months
  14. Check and Replace Refrigerator Filter(6) months
  15. Check Window and Door Locks (3) months
  16. Test Doorbells, If Installed(12) months
  17. Lubricate Garage Door(s) (6) months
  18. Test Garage Door Openers(s) if installed (3) months Adjust (12)months
  19. Check Outside Faucets and Hoses for Leaks. (Cover in Winter)
  20. Test Outside Lights and Sensors (3) months
  21. Check Wind Turbines and Lube (6) months
  22. Check Window Screens (3) months
  23. Caulk Windows as necessary (12) months
  24. Check Fence and Gate(s) (3) months
  25. Check Lawn Sprinklers, If Installed(12) Months